Mr Faraj has been heavily involved in field of reproductive gynaecology for a long time and has many publications in infertility and IVF, early pregnancy problems and reproductive surgery.

Academic interests

  • Senior Clinical Lecturer (Honorary) – University of Sheffield
  • RCOG Tutor for Rotherham General Hospital
  • RCOG Faculty of Basic Practical Skills course
  • Faculty of RCOG Medical Educators Tier 3- March 2015
  • Undergraduate Lead for phase 3 medical students(2010-2014)-University of Sheffield
  • Peer reviewer for Green top RCOG guidelines:
    A. Long Term Consequences of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Green-Top Guideline no 33,Nov 2014
  • Member of RCOG guidelines development group (Endometrial Hyperplasia)

Mr Faraj is also a peer reviewer of many international journals:

  • Editorial Board and reviewer in International Journal Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Reviewer: Indian Journal of Medical Sciences. Jan 2006
  • Regular Reviewer: Fertility and Sterility
  • Reviewer Gynecological Surgery

Reviewed manuscripts:……………………..

1. Effects of mifepristone on uterine leiomyoma in pre-menopausal women: a meta-analysis, Fertility and Sterility, 2013

2. Uterine Sarcoma Presenting in the Setting of Non-puerperal Uterine Inversion with UterineProlapse, Journal of Genital System & Disorders , 2012

3. A case report of successful live birth following IVF preceded by fertility sparing surgery for a large adenomyomata, Gynecological Surgery,2011

4. Epistasis between FSHR and CYP19A1 polymorphisms is associated with premature ovarian failure , Fertility and Sterility, 2010

5. Failed medical management in ovarian pregnancy inspite of favorable prognostic factors – Can site be the reason?, Indian Journal of Medical Sciences,2006


Jones R, Faraj R (2014) Diagnostic Accuracy of Preoperative Prediction of Malignancy in Ovarian Cysts. Obstet Gynecol Int J 1(1): 00001. DOI: 10.15406/ogij.2014

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R Faraj ‘Placenta previa at Jordan university hospital. Incidence, management and role of tocolytic therapy’. The Journal of Arab Board of Medical Specialization. Vol 3(3): 101, 2001.and published in Bulletin of Consulting Medical Laboratories (Amman). Vol: 19 (I January, II April) 2001.

Faraj R, Broome J.’Laparoscopic sacrohysteropexy and myomectomy for uterine prolapse: case report and review of literature’ (Nov 2009) Journal of Medical Case Reports.

Ismail R*., Shaban M., Haj Hassan L., Kilani Z. ‘Efficacy of growth hormone releasing agents (Mestinon) in poor responders undergoing ICSI cycles’. Proceeding ESHRE 17th annual meeting, Lausanne: July 2001. Human Reproduction 16 (Abstract): 89, 2001.

*Ismail R is my third name(R Ismail Faraj)

Invited Speaker and presentations

International and National meetings and congresses:

Feb 2014 Invited Speaker: The 15th Congress Jordanian -RCOG British Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Amman-Jordan titled:
Pelvic Surgery and Ovarian Reserve
Ovarian Stimulation in PCOS
Nov 2012 The 15th International Medical City and College of Medicine Joint Conference,Baghdad-Iraq Recurrent IVF Implantataion Failure
May 2008 Endometrial thickness and outcome in sub-fertile women treated with clomiphene citrate’ oral presentation at Barts International Conference in Reproductive Medicine/ St Bartholomew’s Hospital London
Nov 2006 Poor response in Ovulation’ induction’ oral presentation at the FIGO/Malaysia
Nov 2006 Obstetric and neonatal outcome in Teenage Mothers aged less than 16 years‘ oral presentation at the North of England Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society meeting, Royal Preston Hospital
Sep 2006 ‘Teenage Mothers’ Poster winning prize in Annual Research Symposium: “Today’s Research Tomorrow’s Care” Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Nov 2003 Recent advances in ART’ Sultan Qaboos university hospital, Muscat-Oman
Sep 2003 Update on Ovulation induction’ Obs&Gyn symposium, Nizwa Hospital-Oman
July 2001 Efficacy of growth hormone releasing agents (Mestinon) in poor responders undergoing ICSI cycles’ oral presentation at ESHRE 17th annual meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland

Poster Presentations

June 2010 Uterine Artery Embolisation Is a Safe Alternative in ‘Sick’ Women With Symptomatic Fibroid. Poster presentation 32nd British International Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
May 2009 Is posterior uterine fibroid a contraindication for Laparoscopic sacrohysteropexy?’ poster presentation at the British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy Annual Scientific Meeting, London.
May 2007 Successful Medical Treatment of A Repeated Cornual Ectopic Pregnancy’ poster presentation at SPROG Meeting, Cardiff
Nov 2006 ‘Predictors of outcome in ICSI Cycles’ poster presentation at the FIGO/Malaysia
Feb 2005 Number of oocytes retrieved in ICSI cycles as predictor of outcome’ poster presentation in the 8th international Symposium on GnRH Analogues in cancer and human reproduction. Salzburg, Austria
April 2002 Y chromosome Deletion (p11.3) associated with complete Globozoospermia –a study of 7 Brothers’ poster presentation at the 2002 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Andrology Seattle, Washington